Beginners Classes

A combination class of Tap and Ballet for girls and boys. A good introduction to the class enviroment and teaches the basic techniques that will be developed as the children progress through dance classes.


Classes from 2 1/2 years+.


Our ballet classes follow the ISTD syllabus. Dancers will learn the discipline and technique needed for this beautiful form of dance. Ballet improves, posture, grace, artistry and musicality. Dancers also have the opportunity to particpate in ISTD exminations.

As dancers progress they will also have the opportunity to add Pre Pointe and Pointe classes to their ballet classes. Classes for dancers 5years+.


A fun dance form that has been modernised in recent years. We offer ISTD examinations in Tap and dancers can enjoy this class from 5years+.

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre is a mix of Singing, Acting and Dancing. Learn songs from hit musicals and films and learn performance techniques. Perfect for building confidence.

Classes from 8years+.


Modern classes incorporate many different styles including Jaz and Lyrical. The exercises build strength and flexibilty and work on rhythm. We work on floor work, isolations, turns, kicks and leaps We also take ISTD examinations in this discipline.

Classes available from 5years+.


A new fun discipline that increases flexibilty. Learn tricks such as walkovers, handsprings, bridges and aeriels. This technique pushes dancers to the limits and improves all other forms of dance.


Classes available from  3years+.


Contemporary is an expressive form of dance. It connects many forms of dance, including Lyrical and Ballet. It develops strength and encourages freedom of movement.

Classes available from 9years+.